Castila is located in the historic and cosmopolitan Albaicín neighborhood of Granada, next to the Mirador de San Nicolás, opposite the Alhambra Palace. The uniqueness of the Albaicín is noteworthy, although it is considered the center of Granada, which allows walking to the city’s own services.

It was founded in 1988, we will soon be 35 years old.

The school is located in a “carmen” in Granada and has 8 
classrooms, a room for multiple activities, a garden and terraces for student use. The school is attended by students from countries of all continents, of all ages, grouped into different programs according to age and level.

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In addition to Spanish classes, the school organizes various cultural and linguistic activities during the week. The activity program is essential in the CastiLa methodology, which proposes 54 different activities (with the support of our teachers) to give the student the opportunity to practice Spanish both inside and outside the classroom: visits, shows, theme evenings, exhibitions, hiking, cooking, flamenco, afternoon on the beach…

The school is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, collaborates with various universities and other Spanish and international educational institutions. It is a member of associations that ensure quality such as EEA and FEDELE.

Training program

All CastiLa teachers have received excellent academic and professional training. They are selected for their academic merits, teaching skills, vocation and personal qualities such as empathy, commitment, cultural interests, sense of humor… The teachers are native Spanish speakers, with a full university degree (bachelor’s and master’s degrees). All teachers take continuous refresher courses and additional educational and cultural training.

The school stands out for its small groups of a maximum of 6 students, which guarantees level integration and the most personalized attention. The minimum age for adult courses is 17 years. Courses take place throughout the year.

• The Intensive Course includes 20 Spanish lessons per week, duration from 1 to 48 weeks. Groups have a maximum of 6 people.
• The super-intensive course includes 30 Spanish lessons per week, with a duration of 1 to 8 weeks. Groups have a maximum of 6 people.
• The DELE exam preparation course consists of 25 lessons with a duration of 1 to 8 weeks, in groups of 2 to 6 students.
• The Business Spanish Course consists of 10 weekly classes. The minimum age is 18 years and the minimum level of Spanish is B1
(completed). The schedule allows it to be combined with the intensive course or with other specific courses (Society, Teacher Training
or Literature).
• The Course for Seniors Older students (+55), very frequent in CastiLa, exceed up to 30% at various times, they are integrated into
general groups of adults with similar profiles and interests.

Accommodation options

• In Spanish-speaking families
• Single or double room. With half board or full board.
• Apartments and studios for private use
• Apartments and studios for the exclusive use of one or more people.
• Shared apartment with other students
• Apartments with a maximum of two rooms, for individual or shared use in a single or double room.
• Home
• The school provides accommodation in student residences, in a single or double room. Maximum advance notice is recommended
for these reservations.


From 1349 AED

Registration fee – 0 AED, included
Textbooks and manuals – 0 AED, included


Intensive (20 hours/week) – 1349 AED

Accommodation (1 week, single room)

Shared apartment – 680 AED – 1 week
Private use apartment – 810 AED – 1 week
Student residence – 790 AED – 1 week
With family, half board – 1251 AED – 1 week

TYPE PROGRAM (8 weeks)

From 6625 AED

Registration fee – 0 euros, included
Textbooks and manuals – 0 euros, included


Intensive (20 hours/week for 8 weeks) – 6625 AED

Accommodation (8 weeks, single room)

Shared apartment – 4290 AED – 8 weeks
Private use apartment – 5099 AED – 8 weeks
Student residence – 4986 AED – 8 weeks
With family, half board – 8199 AED – 8 weeks

Important! These are the official prices of the school, which can be modified at any time by decision of the school management. You can ask the current prices for all the school programs by consulting us directly. At the Agrupación Educativa de Lengua Española (AELE) we do not charge any management fees or commissions to students.