The Spanish Language Educational Association (AELE) is a non-profit project and the entire amount of fees is reinvested in the institution itself. The price for the entire academic year 2024-2025 is 2950 AED per student. We offer a 5% discount to the second enrolled sibling (2800 AED) and a 10% discount to the third sibling onwards (2655 AED). The payment of the course can be made in one or two installments. The first payment will be made in the month of September and the second in October. You can pay in cash or via bank transfer. Textbooks and class materials are included in the price. Students have to bring to class a case with pencils, scissors, glue, eraser and pencil sharpener. In addition, they have to bring a snack for the break and a bottle of water.



              Payments will be made in cash or by bank transfer without additional charges. Once the payment has been made, there is no possibility of refund, unless it is a case of force majeure. The total price of the course can be paid in one or two installments, at no additional cost. Payment for the complete course will be made between the months of September and October.


Minimum number of students

              The courses need a minimum of 6 students to be carried out. El Cole reserves the right to cancel a course with short notice when the minimum number of students is not reached or due to force majeure. In both cases, the cancellation will be notified immediately and the student will have the right to a refund of the full tuition fee or the possibility of changing to another available course.


Cancellation of classes

If a class is canceled due to force majeure, such as school closures or weather events, the class will be made up throughout the academic year or via Zoom. Every effort will be made to make up the class on a Saturday, but the make-up class may take place on a different day and time (Friday or Sunday, for example). Classes missed due to student absences will not be made up.


Textbooks and reading books

              El Cole provides textbooks at the beginning of each course. In the event that a student loses the textbook, they must purchase it again at a cost of 250 AED.


Privacy and data protection

             At El Cole we are committed to the privacy of our students and we do not share their data with third parties.