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The Delibes school was founded in 1997 and is located in Salamanca, a five-minute walk from the Plaza Mayor. Located in a large square with gardens, trees  and green areas, it is a completely restored building, with state-of-the-art technology, equipped with 23 classrooms, all with air conditioning and multimedia equipment, a video and conference room, a library, an industrial kitchen specially-designed for cooking classes. It also has a WIFI network throughout the school and common areas where you can relax and have a coffee during breaks with your classmates..

You will study in an authentic international environment with a complete program of extracurricular activities, most of them free.

In addition to Spanish classes, the school organizes various cultural and linguistic activities during the week, such as cooking classes, tapas tours, visits to museums, excursions, treasure hunts, etc. All activities are organized and directed by our teachers.

The school is accredited by the Cervantes Institute and is a member of FEDELE and AEECYL.

Training program

All teachers at the school have received excellent training and have been selected for their academic merit. The teachers are graduates and native Spanish speakers, have graduated in Spanish Philology, Geography and History, Education etc., and many have completed a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. All teachers undergo continuous refresher courses and additional training.

The school forms small groups of up to a maximum of 12 people in each class. The minimum age is 15 years. For groups traveling with their teachers, we accept students of any age. The programs are made «tailor-made» and following the preferences and indications of each teacher. Training takes place throughout the year.

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1) The Intensive Course includes 20 Spanish lessons per week, with a minimum duration of 1 week and a maximum duration of 40 weeks. Groups have a maximum of 12 people. It is the most requested by students. Our intensive course allows you to learn quickly and participate in the activities programmed by the school, where you will continue learning.

In the first two hours there are explanations and practical exercises on grammar, sentence correction, examples, structural work on texts… The following hours are devoted to communication: oral and written expression, vocabulary, expressions, oral and listening comprehension, discussion of news, colloquiums, book exhibitions…

Intensive (20 hours/ 1 week) – 900 AED

2) The Super Intensive Course includes 30 Spanish lessons per week, with a duration from 1 week to 20 weeks. Groups have a maximum of 12 people. For the first extra hour there are five options: Culture (Course B) – Literature (Course C) – Conversational (Course D) – Translation (Course E) – Tourism (Course F). For the second extra hour we have the following topics; Mondays: colloquial conversation, Tuesday: writing workshop, Wednesday: commentary on texts, Thursday: formal conversation and Friday: Spanish cuisine.

Super intensive (30 hours/ 1 week) – 1350 AED

3) The DELE exam preparation course consists of 20 lessons per week in small groups. Every year we start the preparation for these exams at the beginning of February and also at the beginning of September. During the first two hours, the grammatical aspect of the language, theoretical and practical, is analyzed. In the 3rd and 4th hours, work is done on the specific aspects of the exam: comprehension, listening, personal interviews, practical written exercises, essays, technical vocabulary exercises. Examinations from past years are also carried out, as well as oral and listening tests to control the progress of each student. The D.E.L.E. It is an exam with official validity recognized by the Spanish State. It can be done in Spain or at the Cervantes Institutes and Spanish Embassies in the rest of the world. It is convened several times each year.

DELE Intensive (160 hours/ 8 weeks) – 5175 AED

4) The Business Spanish Course consists of 10 hours. The minimum age is 16 years and the minimum level of Spanish is B1.

Ideal for expanding knowledge of business language. Aimed at businessmen, executives, economics students, tourism… As the classes are in the afternoon, this course can be taken at the same time as any other course.

1st hour: Business correspondence, types of letters, curriculum development and usage formulas. 2nd hour: Analysis and discussion of current articles in the specialized economic press: the role of Spain in the European Union, macro and micro-economic issues, etc.

Business Intensive (10 hours/week, during 4 weeks) – 2205 AED

Accommodation options

• House Single or double room. With half board, or full board.

All the families that host Delibes students have been carefully selected and we guarantee a pleasant treatment, quality meals, Wi-Fi, and good cleanliness in the house. Living in a family has several advantages: you will be able to learn about our customs, meals and schedules, practice your Spanish all day long and expand your vocabulary by improving your pronunciation. In short, this is the best way to fully integrate into Spanish life and it is available all year round.

• Student apartment: single room or double room, with all expenses paid.

These apartments have double and single rooms, two complete bathrooms, an equipped kitchen, a washing machine, a refrigerator and a living-dining room with T.V. and sofa. They have central heating and hot water. All rooms have a bed, wardrobe, study table, study chair, side table and shelves. They are equipped for a pleasant and comfortable stay. Students must bring their own towels. The bedding is provided by the school.

• Residence Single, double or double room for individual use, triple, etc.

Students of all nationalities are housed in the residence, so the atmosphere is a mixture of cultures where students enrich themselves by acquiring experiences and anecdotes from all over the world.

Students must bring their own towels. The bedding is provided by the residence. Accommodation in residence is available throughout the year, but the places are limited.

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From 1549 AED (Including course and
accommodation for 1 week)
Registration amount – 0 AED
Textbooks and manuals – 0 AED
Course (1 week)
Intensive (20 hours/week) – 900 AED

Accommodation (1 week, single room)

Student apartment – 675 AED – 1 week
Student residence – 115 AED/night (full board)
As a family – 109 AED/night (full board)

Important! These are the official prices of the school, which can be modified at any time by decision of the school management. You can ask the current prices for all the school programs by consulting us directly. At the Agrupación Educativa de Lengua Española (AELE) we do not charge any management fees or commissions to students.