TARONJA is an amazing boutique school located in one of the best streets in the heart of Valencia (Spain). The school was founded in 2004 and, since 2006, it is a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute. In 2010 it became part of the prestigious international association of schools IALC.

Its excellent and innovative learning methods and probably the best program of activities you can imagine make TARONJA the best choice. The school has been carefully decorated by artists, it is a true work of art in itself! All classes are equipped with digital whiteboards, iPads and the best technology. All our teachers are dynamic, young and cheerful, university graduates with experience and studies in ELE.

Taronja is known for being a different school, very happy and fun.

Its program of socio-cultural activities is known to be one of the best in existence. Every day you will have very interesting and cheap activities attended by all the students of the school. Don’t miss their weekly Paella Party, cooking classes, weekend excursions or summer beach parties. And don’t forget the motto of this school: Taronja is not a school for young people, it is a school for people who FEEL young!

Finally, Valencia is the perfect city to learn Spanish: it is beautiful, it has an ideal size, a great beach and in the city everyone speaks SPANISH (not Valencian or Catalan). Do not hesitate, Valencia + Taronja is betting on the winning horse!

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Training program

All teachers at the school have received excellent training and have been selected for their academic merit. The teachers are native Spanish speakers, all with university degrees, most of them graduated in Hispanic Philology. Almost all of our teachers have completed a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and undergo continuous refresher courses and additional training, always supervised by our two heads of studies.

The school forms small groups of up to 10 people. The minimum age is 18 years. Training takes place throughout the year.

• The Intensive Course includes 20 Spanish lessons per week, lasting from 1 week. Groups have a maximum of 10-12 people. The minimum age is 18 years and the courses take place throughout the year.
• The super-intensive course includes 25 Spanish lessons per week (20 general Spanish lessons + 5 conversation lessons or 5 private lessons) with a duration from 1 week. Groups have a maximum of 10-12 people. The minimum age is 18 years and the courses take place throughout the year.
• DELE and SIELE exam preparation course: if you want to prepare for the official DELE exam, or the official SIELE level test, the Taronja school recommends you take an intensive course combined with private classes. We remind you that Taronja is a DELE and SIELE examination center, and you can take the tests at the same school. The minimum age is 18 years and the courses take place throughout the year. You can take the SIELE exam at any time of the year and the DELE exam has specific dates stipulated by the Cervantes Institute.
• Business Spanish course and other specific Spanish courses: for this type of course, the Taronja school recommends that you take an intensive course combined with private classes. The minimum age is 18 years, the courses take place throughout the year and there is no minimum level required
• Courses for seniors (30+ and 50+): The Taronja school does not divide its students by age, they are all of legal age (the minimum age is 18 years for all courses). However, the school proposes specific recommended start dates for 30+ and 50+ students throughout the year. In this way you ensure that you will have several students of the same age in your class and at school, a simple, great and effective idea. Check these specific dates before booking your course.

Accommodation options

Single or double room. With half board or full board
Shared flat
Single room, no meals (free disposal of common areas,
kitchen, etc…)

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From 981 AED

Registration fee – 176 AED
Textbooks and manuals – Materials included for levels A1- B1.
For levels B2 and C1 you need a book of 110 AED

1 week course

Intensive (20h/week) – 981 AED (806 AED/course
+ 176 enrollment)

Accommodation (1 week, single room)

• Basic student apartment – 630 AED
• Standard student apartment – 765 AED
• Superior student apartment – 878 AED
• With family half board – 990 AED/week
• With family full board – 1014 AED/week

Important! These are the official prices of the school, which can be modified at any time by decision of the school management. You can ask the current prices for all the school programs by consulting us directly. At the Agrupación Educativa de Lengua Española (AELE) we do not charge any management fees or commissions to students.